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PA Demonization: Israel commits Nazi-like crimes, threatens humanity

Yahya Rabah, regular columnist in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
"Everything that the Zionist movement complained about, over the course of its long history... against Nazism, against Fascism, and against Antisemitism – is being done now by Israel, in exactly the same way, with great fervor, with a high level of aggression and low morals, and with a great measure of scorn for all the aims of international law and humanitarian law.
Israel is a rebellious state, in the full sense of the word. It is far more rebellious than all of those [states] against which it levels this accusation; it is far more racist than all of those whose racism it complains about. As many opinions both in the west and in the east have described it, [Israel] is the greatest danger that threatens world peace, world stability, and the life of humanity.
Israel of our times, which worships fantasies and worships the gods of the enemies who tortured it, from the Babylonian exile to the Holocaust, is duplicating all of these things against the Palestinian people every day, hour and minute…
How can one argue that Israel, the rebellious, fickle state which shows contempt for others, their rights and their interests, can be a partner to any sort of peace?...
Israel needs to experience the taste of boycott, sanctions, and dissatisfaction at its disgraceful decisions and behavior. Israel is today the most abominable example of terror, of worry and the threat to security that the world is talking about."