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France lauded by PA as 'central partner of the Palestinian state...'

Headline: "Hamdallah: We will not trade our principles for money"

"[PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said: 'We will not trade our national principles for political money, and we will continue to serve our people with the support of friends and by relying on our resources, until the establishment of the independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem – despite all of the pressures being exerted on us, despite the cut in aid, and despite the violation of all of the conventions and norms by the occupation in order to harm our resolve.'

Rami Hamdallah said this during his speech in the village of Misilyah in the Jenin district on the sidelines of the inauguration of several water initiatives in the Jenin district, in the presence of French General Consul Pierre Cochard and Director of the French Development Agency [in East Jerusalem] Bonnaud Catherine…

Hamdallah expressed his appreciation of the French support for the water sector. He noted that France is a central partner of the Palestinian state in the field of water and a number of other fields."

The French Development Agency is a public financial institution that implements policy defined by the French government in different parts of the world. Its stated goals are to fight poverty and promote development.

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