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Education Minister posts FB map erasing Israel

Images and text posted on the Facebook page of PA Minister of Education Sabri Saidam

The image shows a decorated lamp. On one side of the lamp are two Palestinian flags, a key symbolizing “the right of return” of the Palestinian refugees, and the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas.

On another side of the lamp is written “Jebus,” referring to a Canaanite name for Jerusalem.

Text on lamp: “Palestine

Jerusalem our capital”

Posted text: “Good evening,

Today [April 6, 2019] we inaugurated the National School for Drama, Music, and Arts in order to instill the importance of the arts in preserving the Palestinian identity, protecting the heritage of struggle and the Palestinian people’s spiritual reserves, and also in order to support culture and strengthen it in our schools throughout the homeland.”

Sabri Saidam also holds the following positions: Fatah Central Committee Deputy Secretary, Fatah Revolutionary Council Deputy Secretary, and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor for communications and information technology.

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