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PA Foreign Ministry: Israel is “a foreign colonialist who occupied our land” and is carrying out “ethnic cleansing”

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Netanyahu’s statements on the Palestinians’ roots are completely anti-Semitic and racist”

“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu’s statement that he tweeted on social media (apparently refers to a Sept. 4, 2019 tweet during his visit to Hebron; see note below –Ed.) is a continuation of Netanyahu’s misleading campaigns, which attempt to deny the Palestinian people’s national and human presence in its homeland of Palestine. It is also a continuation of his attempts to strengthen the colonialism on the land of the State of Palestine, and to warp the truth regarding the conflict and turn it from a political conflict of the highest level into conflicts between religions or races.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs added in a statement yesterday [Sept. 7, 2019] that… our people’s national and human presence in the land of Palestine has deep historical roots and does not await false proofs and evidence from colonialist Netanyahu regarding its roots.

The ministry emphasized that the conflict in Palestine is between [us and] a foreign colonialist who occupied our land, expelled our people by force, is committing the most criminal types of ethnic cleansing against our people, and is attempting to settle foreign settlers in their place. The ministry called on the international community, the [UN] Human Rights Council, and the relevant international bodies to put an end to the outlook of Netanyahu, who thinks he is above international law and the international bodies.”

The mention of a statement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on social media apparently refers to a Sept. 4, 2019 tweet he wrote on his official Twitter account during a visit to Hebron, in which he wrote: “No one will dispossess us. We are not foreigners in Hebron – we will remain in it forever.”

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