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PA daily: Zionists are murderous blood suckers

Excerpt of an op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: “Do not argue at the prisoners’ expense”

“At the height of the election campaign… the Zionist right-wing and extremist right-wing forces, which are in power, have permitted the [shedding of] Palestinian blood and used it as a trump card to attract the votes of the Israeli voters. Two days ago [Jan. 21, 2019] they launched a campaign against the prisoners of freedom, in order to impose additional limitations on them and commit more barbaric racist violations against the heroes…

Special forces… broke into the branches of the Ofer Prison in the early morning hours [on Jan. 21, 2019] and attacked the prisoners without forewarning (sic., the prisoners’ cells were checked and smuggled weapons, cell phones, and SIM cards were seized –Ed.)… and left approximately 150 wounded people among their ranks. Dozens of them were transported to the hospitals, and then were returned to the branches without their treatment being completed…

But from the historical experience for more than 50 years of Israeli colonialism on the State of Palestine’s lands, it arises that the forces of colonialism have not succeeded in breaking the strength of the heroes of freedom.On the contrary, in every confrontation the brave prisoners came out victorious and forced the leaders of the state of evil and organized terror to submit to their demands… The battle will not be easy this time.Neither [Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad] Erdan, nor [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, nor any of their robbing, murdering, blood-sucking Zionist ilk will achieve any of the results they are dreaming about.”

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