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Fatah vows freeing terrorists

Headline: "The Fatah Advisory Council emphasized the continuation of the activity to thwart the attempts to eliminate the Palestinian cause, and foremost among them ‘the Trump plan'"

"In the concluding statement published by the Fatah Advisory Council yesterday evening, Friday [Dec. 31, 2019], after the conclusion of its third regular session, 'the Intilaqa session' (i.e., “the Launch” of Fatah counted from its first terror attempt; see note below), which took place in the [PA] presidential headquarters in Ramallah for three days, it was stated: […]

The council praised the heroic struggle of the Palestinian prisoners from all parts of the Palestinian national movement, and promised them to remain loyal to their causes and continue to struggle until the release of every one of them without exception, and foremost among them the leaders: Fatah Movement Central Committee member Marwan Barghouti (i.e., terrorist, orchestrated three attacks in which 5 were murdered), Karim Younes (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1 together with his cousin), Ahmad Sa'adat (i.e., terrorist, headed PFLP terror organization), and [PLO] Central Council member fighter Fuad Al-Shubaki (i.e., terrorist, attempted to smuggle weapons into the PA),who is sick and imprisoned and still loyal to the homeland."


Marwan Barghouti

Karim Younes


Ahmad Sa’adat


Fuad Al-Shubaki

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