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PA official emphasizes importance of connection with Israeli Arabs

Headline: “He received a delegation from Kafr Yasif – Jenin: Rajoub honors the outstanding female students of the Palestinian-Turkish Friendship High School for Girls”

“[Jenin District Governor Akram] Rajoub emphasized the importance of the connection with the members of our people in the occupied Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel), in order to protect the rooted national identity among the members of our people in the part [of Palestine] that has been occupied [since] 1948. This took place during the Jenin governor's reception in his office yesterday [March 13, 2019] for a delegation fromthe village of Kafr Yasif in the occupied Palestinian Interior.

Rajoub indicated the importance of encouraging the partnership between the two sides from the starting point of the connection between the members of the one people and the rooted social fabric, far from all of the chains that the occupation has placed between us, which have been bypassed by the resolve and the hold on the land and the Palestinian identity.”

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