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PA Minister of Social Development: To spill a woman’s blood for family honor is accepted - Our culture and education must change

Official PA TV, Straight Talk With Senior Officials

Official PA TV host: "At this meeting we will discuss the issue of violence, and particularly violence against women…"

PA Minister of Social Development Ahmed Majdalani: "Many families do not report cases [of violence against women] … There are attempts to cover up and hide [such cases] to protect the family’s name and the family’s honor. However, a woman whose blood is spilled in vain under the heading of “honor” – this is a simple matter and accepted… This way of thinking in society has to change… The laws are a system of relations within society and they have a deterrent role. But the law will not prevent crime. What will prevent crime is a change in society’s culture. And a change in a society’s culture needs to begin first of all with the education system. Our education system is a system that is behind."

Ahmed Majdalani also serves as Secretary-General of the terror organization Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, PLO Executive Committee member, and head of the PLO Department of Labor and Planning.

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