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PLO delegation to Syria supports Assad regime

Headline: “A PLO delegation meets with Syrian deputy minister of foreign affairs”

“A PLO delegation led by PLO Executive Committee member and Fatah Movement Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad met at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Damascusyesterday [Jan. 18, 2020] with Syrian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Faisal Mekdad.

In addition to Al-Ahmad, the PLO delegation included PLO Executive Committee member [and Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front] Wassel Abu Yusuf, Fatah Central Committee member Samir Al-Rifai, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Damascus Mahmoud Al-Khaledi, and Director-General of the PLO Political Department Anwar Abd Al-Hadi.

At the beginning of the meeting, the delegationemphasized the depth of the Palestinian-Syrian relations and the constant coordination between the Syrian leadership and the Palestinian leadership on all mattersrelating to the two peoples…

The PLO delegation emphasized that… the American administration and the Israeli occupation want to harm Syria, its unity, its stability, and its progress, and this is due to its historical positions on everything regarding dealing with the Israeli danger…

Mekdad thanked the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people on behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic for their stand against the policy of pressures that the US and other states are enacting as part of the siege on Syria, in order to achieve what they have not succeeded in achieving through war and terror against the Syrian people.”

The article includes a picture from the meeting; on the wall in the background is a picture of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Azzam Al-Ahmad also serves as head of the PLO Department of Arab and Parliamentary Affairs, Fatah Commissioner of National Relations, and Fatah Commissioner for Relations with Lebanon.

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