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Hamas song: “Explode, and let your soul be liberated… Water your land with blood… Smile on the day of your death as a Martyr”

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Lyrics: "By the nature of your creation, you are a Jihad fighter, and from the beginning of your life you stand firm...
Explode, onward, explode, and let your soul be liberated
Who is like you when you go out? 
You see the Zionist humiliated
O masked resistance fighter, the elite of the Al-Qassam army
How beautiful the [explosive] belt is on your waist, and anyone who faces you as an enemy will be humiliated
Water your land with blood, when your weapon speaks
Smile on the day of your death as a Martyr…
Onward to Paradise, and Allah is the one who will remain for your children
Show your Master [of the Universe] your act, and make your enemy feel regret."

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