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PA Cleric: Don't scare kids citing monsters, demons and Jews

Palestinian cleric on PA TV:
Threatening kids with monsters,
demons and Jews creates cowards

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

A Palestinian Authority cleric has warned Palestinian parents that they shouldn't instill fear in their children by threatening them with such evils as monsters, thieves, demons and Jews.

In a sermon broadcast on official PA television, the cleric lists a number of threats that parents use to stop their children from crying, including threatening them with "a Jew."

He warns them that deliberately panicking their children with frightening images is not a good parenting strategy, because "Then the child grows up as a coward."

Following is the transcript of the sermon excerpt:

"Bringing up children with fear, anxiety and panic, scaring them when they cry -once by mentioning a monster, another time a scarecrow or a thief, and some other time a Jew, a demon, or the sound of the wind and other things, in order to silence them. Then the child grows up as a coward."
[PA TV (Fatah), April 23, 2010]

Click here to see examples of demonization of Jews from PMW website.

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