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PLO parties call to escalate “popular resistance”

Headline: “The Democratic National Coalition called to intensify the popular resistance”

“The Palestinian Democratic National Coalition forces called to intensify the popular resistance(i.e., term used by Palestinians, which also refers to the use of violence and terror) in all of the Palestinian territories.The forces – which include the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF, a terror organization and PLO member; see note below –Ed.), the Arab Liberation Front, the Palestinian Arab Front, and the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (i.e., all PLO members) –discussed ways of intensifying the popular resistanceagainst the settlement, after their meeting at the Popular Struggle Front’s headquarters in Ramallah…

The Democratic National Coalition forces called on the international community to pressure the extremist right-wing occupation government and [US President Donald] Trump’s administration, the occupation’s partner in its aggression against our people, to immediately stop the settlement and cease the attacks against the Palestinian national rights and sovereignty, in order to prevent pushing the region into a whirlpool of violence whose end will be bad and bitter.”

Peaceful\popular uprising/resistance

Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF)

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