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PA Foreign Ministry warns against “exploiting” the Holocaust to hide Israel “war crimes” against Palestinians

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned against the exploitation of the Holocaust to hide the occupation’s true face”

“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates warned the participants of the World Holocaust Forum against the political processes that the Israeli occupation state and its leaders are attempting to exploit in order to hide the true face of Israel, which is occupying the land of another state, settling in it, and committing crimes against our people that reach the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity…

The ministry emphasized its condemnation of the Holocaust and its demand that the international community – which in the past did not succeed in preventing the Holocaust from taking place – treat our [Palestinian] people’s suffering seriously given the occupation, settlement, and despicable crimes that are being committed against it and that can reach the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which the international leaders do not imagine.

The ministry explained that observing the dark periods in humanity’s history requires the international community to speedily condemn the occupation’s crimes against our people and act to stop the spilling of the Palestinians’ blood before it is too late.”