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PA libel: Israel gave Palestinian prisoner cancer

Headline: "Following his visit to the mourners' tent for the released prisoner Zidat – Karake demands establishment of an international committee to investigate the carrying out of medical experiments on prisoners"
     "Issa Karake, [PA] Minister of Prisoners, attributed full responsibility for the Martyr (Shahid) death of the released prisoner Faiz Zidat to the occupation authorities…
He demanded the establishment of an international committee to investigate the fact that Israel continues to carry out medical experiments on prisoners…
[These are] actions whose clear aim is torture and adherence to the policy of slow death, which exhausts the prisoners' bodies by turning them into medical guinea pigs…
It should be noted that [Zidat] was in good health and of strong build at the time of his arrest, and the occupation's so-called Prison Service took advantage of an inflammation in his teeth and injected him with carcinogenic material which caused him later to become ill with cancer."