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Fatah official rejects EU funding conditions; Palestinian “struggle” is not terror

Headline: “Dalal Salameh: The conditional funding contradicts Palestinian law; we will call on the factions to discuss the European Union’s conditions”
“Fatah Movement Central Committee member [and Fatah Commissioner of NGOs] Dalal Salameh said that conditional funding contradicts Palestinian law that deals with charity associations…

She added: ‘Clause 32 of the Charity Association Law establishes that funding must be received without any conditions.’ She also noted that presenting funding conditions that define the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli military occupation and its racist steps as a crime is completely unacceptable.

Salameh called on the European Union (EU) to reexamine the conditions and honor the Palestinian law that dictates the activity of the NGOs operating in Palestine.

Salameh explained yesterday [Jan. 27, 2020], during a meeting with representatives of the civil society institutions, that the Palestinian leadership has sent letters to the European Parliament in order to emphasize the opposition to the conditions that label our people’s struggle as terror.”