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Palestinian teen encourages stabbings, suicide attacks and throwing of rocks

Nariman Tamimi, Facebook  |

Video posted to the Facebook page of Nariman Tamimi

This was recorded by Ahed Tamimi’s mother, Nariman Tamimi, minutes after Ahed, Nariman, and Nour Tamimi (Ahed’s cousin) assaulted Israeli soldiers, leading to their arrest and imprisonment.

Ahed Tamimi’s mother, Nariman Tamimi: "Ahed, what is your message to the world?"

Ahed Tamimi: "I hope that everybody will participate in demonstrations - the only solution for us to reach a result - because our strength is in our rocks. I hope that the whole world will unite so that we can liberate Palestine, because [US President] Trump’s decision [to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel]. He must bear responsibility for its consequences: It doesn’t matter what Palestinian response there will be - stabbing operations, Martyrdom-seeking operations (i.e., suicide attacks), throwing rocks - everyone needs to do things so that we can unify in this way. So that we can convey our message in the necessary manner. And so that we will reach a solution and result, which will be, Allah willing, the liberation of Palestine."

Ahed Tamimi

US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

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