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Basic data about Aida refugee camp

Official PA TV program The Refugee Camp: Resolve Until Return, on the Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem


Text on screen: “The Aida [refugee] camp

Established in 1950

Located in the western area between Bethlehem and Beit Jala

Its area at the time of its establishment was 60 dunams [1 dunam = 1,000 sq. meters], and now [its area] has become 115 dunams.

The camp’s residents [originally] belong to 17 villages connected to west Jerusalem and Hebron.


The Aida camp is located 750 meters above sea level

There are two schools in the camp, a school for boys and an additional coed one

The rate of unemployment in the Aida camp has reached 46%

There has been a public electrical grid in the Aida camp since 1970”