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Fatah official warns of a "third intifada"

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |

Headline: “Leaders, senior officials, and commentators: Netanyahu and the Israeli right-wing's threats to annex the Jordan Valley region annul the Oslo Accords, prevent the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and herald the outbreak of a third intifada”

“Head of the Committee to Resist Settlements and the Wall Minister Walid Assaf said that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and the extremist right-wing forces among the Israelis are striving to put an end to the Palestinian dream – the establishment of a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem – and this is through their statements and plot to annex the [Jordan] Valley region. He noted that annexation undoubtedly means the mercy killing of the peace process and the Oslo Accords, and a return to the starting point – an unavoidable confrontation on the ground…

Fatah Movement Central Committee member and [Fatah] Movement Commissioner for Arab and China Relations[Abbas Zaki] warned that the occupation leaders’ calls to annex the Jordan Valley are liable to ignite a third intifada in the Palestinian territories…

Zaki emphasized that the coming period will not be easy, and thata dangerous escalation on the ground will take place during it. He added: ‘We will not sit idly by in light of the annexation of the Jordan Valley in accordance with the statements of Netanyahu and the right-wing parties, who are unified by a Zionist strategy that will return the entire region to bloodshed.’

He also said: ‘Just as Israel demands to annex the Jordan Valley, we in the Palestinian leadership also demand that Jaffa, Haifa, and Acre (i.e., Israeli cities) return [to us]. They are more important than the Jordan Valley and they were stolen by the force of arms.Their residents were uprooted in 1948 and a historic injustice was inflicted on them, which must reach its end – whether Israel wants it or whether it refuses.’ He emphasized:‘The world stands by our side today, and we will not be alone in the campaign against the occupation and its ally America, as both of them are pushing the entire region to violence after a mercy killing of the peace process was carried out.’”


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