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"Let them taste instant death" - Terrorist's poem on Facebook prior to his car ramming attack

Sanad Al-Turman, terrorist, wounded 12 Israeli soldiers in car ramming attack:
"Stand proud and tall like the minarets.
Send your bullets like the “stones of hard clay” [Quran, Sura 105:4].
Tear the gangs of invaders into pieces, and let them taste instant death, by [angel] Gabriel.
Burn the tyrants’ corpses and their filth, and pour gasoline on their organs.
Let them burn all the palm trees in our courtyards – we will rise like palm trees above the palm trees.
If they destroy all of the minarets above us – we [will be] like the minarets, then you will hear the call: Praise Allah."

Posted text of Facebook page:
“Video: Sanad Al-Turman (i.e., terrorist, wounded 12), who the occupation accuses of carrying out
the car ramming operation (i.e., terror attack) in #Jerusalem – stand proud and tall like the minaret”

Sanad Al-Turman

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