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Terrorist recites inciting poem on Fatah Facebook page

Video posted on the official Fatah Facebook page


Terrorist Sanad Al-Turman, who wounded 12 Israeli soldiers in a car ramming attack, is seen smoking and reciting a poem by Saudi poet Muhadhil Mahdi Al-Sqor as music plays in the background.

Terrorist Sanad Al-Turman: “Do you think that you – when you burned me, danced like a devil on my body, and let the winds scatter me before the gaze of the sun in desolateness.

Do you think that with this you erased my right, my history, and my faith? You will try in vain. It is impossible to eradicate a revolutionary – today I am the resurrection of the dead – one day I will come!”

Sanad Al-Turman – Palestinian terrorist who ran over and wounded 12 Israeli soldiers with his car outside of the First Station in Jerusalem on Feb. 6, 2020. Al-Turman fled the scene but Israeli security forces arrested him later the same day. Al-Turman is awaiting trial as of Feb. 9, 2020.

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