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PLO official: Demand of “right to return” will continue until refugees return to their homes

Headline: "Abu Houli: The refugees are a top priority of the [PA] president"

"PLO Executive Committee member and head of the PLO Department of Refugee Affairs Ahmad Abu Houli said that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas will remain the safety valve of the Palestinian national project and a firm rock against all of the plots that are being woven against our people and its legal rights to [the refugees'] return, freedom, and independence. He noted that the Palestinian refugees in the homeland and diaspora are a top priority and concern of [Abbas].

He also emphasized yesterday [Jan. 31, 2019] during his meeting with a delegation from the Palestinian National Struggle Front at the headquarters of the Department for Refugee Affairs in Ramallah… that our Palestinian people in general, and the Palestinian refugees in particular, will not lay down the flag of the right of return, and this flag will continue to wave high in all of the refugee camps in the homeland and diaspora until their return to their homes from which they were expelled in 1948."