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PLO preachers preach against terror against Muslims

Official PA TV News

Official PA TV newsreader: “In the northern districts (i.e., the West Bank), the mosque preachers focused in the Friday sermons on the heroic status of young Palestinian Saber Murad, for his having fought with one of the terrorists in Tripoli, Lebanon (Murad threw himself in the path of a terrorist's bullets on June 3, 2019 –Ed.). They emphasized the need to fight terror and extremism.”

Official PA TV reporter: “Saber [Murad’s] story in Lebanon is causing reverberations in the mosques of the homeland of Palestine. The preachers at the Al-Zahra Mosque in Hebron and the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque in Bethlehem praised the significance of Saber’s sacrifice in Friday sermons, while warning against the terrorist snakes and their criminal actions that are forbidden by religious law. For it is forbidden for a Muslim [to spill] the blood of a Muslim.”

Director of the Department of Religious Supervision and Mosques in the Hebron District’s Islamic Endowments Department Sheikh Muhammad Dwaik: “Through this sermon, we are putting our hand on the wound, and telling the world: Enough terror, violence, and frightening and intimidation of those living in peace. It is our right to live in security and peace like the rest of the peoples on earth.”

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque Preacher Raed Habib: “The Palestinian leadership, led by [PA] President of the State of Palestine [Mahmoud Abbas], gave [Murad] a medal of heroism for this heroic act, and this was to tell the world that we have a right and a cause, and we are not terrorists as you falsely claim. ‘So fear Allah’ [Quran, Sura 64:16, Sahih International translation] and beware of His anger and wrath.”

PA Security Forces Mufti Muhammad Salah: “[Murad] blocked [the terrorist] and protected the Lebanese army, without paying attention to the national affiliation of the Lebanese army, its religion, or its language – just because we protect, and do not accept terrorism.”

Nablus District Director of Islamic Endowments Muhammad Al-Kilani: “We are the ones who reject terrorism, and [Murad’s] action proves that. We are a people that loves life. We are innately a people of Muslims – our natural religious faith and Islam in its essence do not accept violence.”

Al-Zahra Mosque preacher Rusul Abu Markhiya: “O Palestinian authorities, after you have sacrificed and taken action for us, we want greater toughness towards the murderers and terrorists in our land.”


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