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PA TV: Zionist movement was silent about massacres against the Jews in order to achieve its interests

Official PA TV program From The President, on Jewish immigration to the land of Israel based on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ book The Zionist Movement in Lenin’s Writings

Official PA TV narrator:“[Theodor] Herzl (i.e., founder of modern Zionism) sent a memorandum to German Kaiser Wilhelm II, indicating benefits that would blossom for Germany if it would support Jewish immigration to Palestine.The most important benefit was that the Zionist movement would work to reduce the danger of socialism by decreasing the number of Jews in Europe. This was due to the Jews’ strength at the time in supporting the revolutionary and socialist parties. Germany’s position advanced the Zionist movement’s interests until the end of the Nazi-Hitler period, so much so that an agreement was signed between Germany and the Zionist movement about expelling the Jews to Palestine (apparently refers to the 1933 Ha’avara Agreement easing the process for Jews escaping Germany for the land of Israel; the agreement did not involve expulsion –Ed.). This was while it – in other words, Nazi Germany – utilized all means starting with expulsion and ending with intimidation.The Zionist movement was silent about the massacres against the Jews in order to achieve its interests.”