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May 2010 poll: For majority of Palestinians, Abbas and Marwan Barghouti more desired presidents than Hamas’ Haniyeh

"The poll results revealed that the most favorite candidate for the PA presidency in the coming presidential elections is Mahmoud Abbas (32.9 %), followed by the detainee Marwan Barghouti (13.1 %) in the second position, in the third position by Ismael Haniyyeh (12.4 %), Salam Fayyad in the fourth position with (8.2 %), followed by Muhammad Dahlan(4.1 %), Mustafa Barghouti (2.6 %), Tayseer Khaled (1.2 %), Mahmoud Zahhar (1.0 %), others (4.4 %), and (20.1 %) answered 'I don’t know'. 

'If there would be soon new presidential elections for the Palestinian Authority, and there were as candidates Mahmoud Abbas from Fatah and Ismael Haniyyeh from Hamas, for whom you would vote?'
47.3 % - 'for Mahmoud Abbas'
14.6 % - 'for Ismael Haniyyeh'
29.1 % - 'I would not participate in the elections'
9.0 % - 'I don’t know'. 

'If Marwan Barghouti from Fatah and Ismael Haniyyeh from Hamas would compete against each other for the PA presidency, for whom would you vote?'
49.4 % - 'for Marwan Barghouthi'
15.8 % - 'for Ismael Haniyyeh'
24.7 % - 'they won’t participate in the elections'
10.1 % - 'I don’t know'."

Note: "This poll by Dr. Nabil Kukali, Director of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) was conducted March 15 – 28, 2010, [from] a random sample of (1153) respondents from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip."