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Belgian municipality signs cooperation agreement with PA municipality

Headline: “The State of Palestine is the guest of honor at the Saint-Josse for Everyone event in Belgium”

“On Oct. 3, [2017,] Palestinian Culture Week will begin in the Saint Josse municipality – one of 19 municipalities that comprise the city of Brussels, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium – that is being organized by the municipality in cooperation with the Palestine Delegation to the European Union, Belgium, and Luxembourg, with the participation of a delegation from the Al-Eizariya municipality in the Jerusalem district…

Palestine Delegation Advisor and the one responsible for bilateral relations Hassan Al-Balawi said that the Saint-Josse municipality – which joined the Network of Belgian Local Authorities for Palestine two years ago – already signed a cooperation agreement with the Al-Eizariya municipality in the Jerusalem district in May [2017], during a visit to Palestine by a delegation from the Belgian district; this was considered a significant political step as it connects a Belgian municipality that is part of the capital, Brussels, to a Palestinian municipality that is part of the city of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.”