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PA gives pensions to Gazan employees who worked under Hamas

Headline: “Al-Helo: The 7,000 public employees who were pensioned off early are from the ministries that are subordinate to Hamas’ executive committee”

“Head of the [PA] Pension Authority Majed Al-Helo said that the legal decision regarding early pension was implemented this month [August 2017] for 7,000 public employees from several ministries that are subordinate to Hamas’ executive committee (i.e., government) in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Helo added in a statement to The Voice of Palestine [official PA] radio station yesterday [Aug. 9, 2017] that the pension salaries that were paid to them were at a rate of 40-70% [of their regular salary] according to criteria that the [PA] government determined, including the number of years of service.

He noted that most of those who were pensioned off worked in the finance, education, health, and social development ministries, and the energy authority in the southern districts (i.e., Gaza).”