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PA Security Forces Spokesman on dissolution of PA Parliament

Headline: “Al-Damiri: Our role is to implement the courts’ decisions, we will not allow anyone to pretend to be a [PA] Parliament member”

“Official Spokesman of the [PA] Security Forces [and General Political Commissioner of the PLO Political and National Guidance Authority] Adnan Al-Damiri said that the Security Forces are implementing the decisions of the courts, and prime among them the [PA] Supreme Constitutional Court.

In response to the deployment of the Security Forces around the [PA] Parliament (Legislative Council) building in Ramallah yesterday [Dec. 26, 2018], Al-Damiri told [the official PA news agency] WAFA that the Supreme Constitutional Court has ordered to dissolve the Parliament, and therefore it is the obligation of the Security Forces to execute the decision. He emphasized that they will not allow anyone to pretend to be a Parliament member or speak on its behalf (apparently refers to PA Parliament members from Hamas protesting the dissolution –Ed.), as this is illegal.”