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PA TV denies Jewish history: Israel looking for “proof of the alleged Temple,” invents “imaginary history… in Jerusalem”

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Official PA TV filler Jerusalem, produced in 2018, with PA TV commentary on the images shown in the filler

Official PA TV narrator: "The occupation authorities intended to excavate a number of tunnels under the surroundings of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in an attempt to find proof or artifacts of the alleged Temple. A search for Jewish archaeological artifacts is likely to constitute proof of the historical presence of Jews in Jerusalem, as the occupation authorities are striving to invent an imaginary history while claiming the connection of the archaeological finds to the Hebrew period in Jerusalem."

Official PA TV originally broadcast this filler on Nov. 13, 2019, and rebroadcast it on Jan. 28, 2020 on the day US President Trump revealed his Middle East peace plan.

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