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76 cases of murders of Palestinian women and women between 2016 - 2018

Headline: "Report: 76 cases of murders of women and young women between 2016 and 2019 (sic., 2018) in the West Bank and Gaza"

"Researcher at The Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling Nabil Dweikat said that the center has in the last three years documented 76 cases of murders of Palestinian women and young women in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

The murder cases were distributed as follows: 40 cases in the West Bank, as compared to 36 in the Gaza Strip. The number of murder cases in 2016 reached a total of 23: 12 in the West Bank and 11 in the Gaza Strip. In 2017 the total number was 29: 14 in the West Bank as compared to 15 in the Gaza Strip. In 2018 the number of murder cases in the West Bank was 14 as compared to 10 in the Gaza Strip, a total of 24 cases.

Dweikat said while he presented the conclusions of his research on the topic of the murder of women in Palestinian society, [in a study called] Discrimination and Violence against Women – Fertile Ground for Femicide: 'These numbers were recorded despite the effort being made by many official and unofficial institutions in order to provide protection to women and young women whose lives are in danger, by providing housing services at shelters, both those affiliated with the center and those affiliated with other institutions such as the [PA] Ministry for Social Development.

During 2015, 560 women and young women turned to receive assistance and legal and social guidance regarding the violation of their various rights.' …

Dweikat said: 'In the great majority of the cases of murder about which there is confirmed information, - 22 cases - the murderer was from the murdered woman’s close surroundings, from her family. In 27% of the cases the murderer was a brother or brothers. The number of cases in which the murderer was the husband or father were equal, 23%. Afterwards, at a rate of 14%, the murderer was the son or daughter.'"

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