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Corona virus “is one of Almighty Allah’s soldiers… [against] those who attack His believers,” says preacher on PA TV

Unidentified preacher: "Dear Muslims, the true meaning of the epidemics is a trial from Almighty Allah and a punishment. A trial for the believers and a punishment for the sinners. A trial for the believers and a punishment for the sinners, the aggressors, the arrogant, those acting strongly, and those oppressing the Muslims. And if it has harmed the believers who are upholding the words of Supreme Allah, then that is a trial. And if they have stood firm and place their trust in Allah, then they will receive an enormous reward, and whoever dies in the epidemic merits the reward of Martyrdom, Almighty Allah willing…

Prophet [Muhammad], Allah’s blessing be upon him, said: 'The epidemic is Martyrdom for every Muslim.' … And if the epidemic harms non-believers, from among the abusers and the aggressors, then that is punishment. For Almighty Allah has announced that the tests, difficulties, and disasters that befall the believers are 'for what your hands have earned' [Quran, Sura 42:30, Sahih International translation]. Allah said: 'And whatever strikes you of disaster – it is for what your hands have earned; but He pardons much' [Ibid.]. And this [Corona]virus is one of Almighty Allah’s soldiers, and He is unleashing it on those who attack His believers

The Sunna (i.e., Islamic tradition) has indicated that acts of abomination and corruption cause epidemics. Prophet [Muhammad] said: ‘An abomination has not appeared among a people… without plague and suffering breaking out, the likes of which had not been among their forefathers.’ And Ibn Abbas (an uncle of Islam's Prophet Muhammad–Ed.) said: 'Corruption has never appeared among any people without mass death reaching them.' And corruption is abuse, and what abuse is greater than attacking a Muslim because he is a Muslim? Dear Muslims, this event is a sign that should be paid attention to…

Dear Muslims, the epidemic and the transfer of the disease from sick people to healthy people is a scientific fact. It is a known matter among the Muslim scholars, and has a source in religion. Prophet [Muhammad] said: 'Flee the leper as you would flee the lion.' And this is a reliable Hadith (sayings and practices attributed to Islam’s Prophet Muhammad –Ed.) that Imam Al-Bukhari related.”

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