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Corona update to PMW readers and supporters

Itamar Marcus  |

Dear readers and supporters,

In these difficult times, we at PMW want to wish you and your loved ones well and may you all stay healthy and get safely through the Corona period.

At PMW we of course are taking the necessary precautions to protect our staff. Following Israeli government instructions, fewer than 10 PMW staff will be in the office at any one time, while the rest continue their work from home. 

Despite the unusual period, we will continue to report to governments and our followers on the Palestinian world, fulfilling our commitment to research, analyze, report, and maintain the invaluable PMW archives. We will continue to document and report on the activities, policies, and statements of the PA, Fatah and the rest of the Palestinian Authority, and you will continue to receive these updates.

Again wishing all our readers and their loved ones health and safety.

Best wishes,

Itamar Marcus

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