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Israeli street "craves more blood and destruction" - Post on PA Presidential Guard's Facebook page

Text posted on the official Facebook page of the PA Presidential Guard

Posted text: "Elections in Israel… the sight repeats itself…

By Nimr Al-Ayedi

Tomorrow morning, March 2, 2020, the voting booths will open in Israel, in which two elections have been held in less than a year, and tomorrow will be the third, and there may be fourth elections in Israel. This has not been seen since the establishment of the occupation state in 1948…

The situation that might unite the two large political parties, the Likud and Blue and White, is war. Therefore, after publishing the results during the stage of assembling the government, the voices calling to begin a war against Gaza, Hezbollah, or to 'go wild' and attack Syria will grow stronger. This is in order to satisfy the will of the Israeli street that craves more blood and destruction.

It is known that the propaganda in the occupation state relies on whoever is prepared to cause harm to the Palestinian people by expropriating Palestinian lands and building housing units on them…

However, if [Blue and White party leader Benny] Gantz succeeds in establishing a government alone or in a treaty with the Likud, he will exhibit more extremism and reveal his military genius since he was the Israeli army chief of general staff. Therefore, he will compete with his predecessor [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] in waging wars, expropriating lands, and giving a free hand to the settlers in the West Bank…

The future does not bode well for the Palestinian people, whether a government is established or they go to fourth elections. The situation will not change, and the Palestinians will stand alone to their fate, and what happens will only strengthen their determination, resolve, and striving for an independent state whose capital is East Jerusalem."

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