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PA TV host accuses Israel of demonization, saying Corona came from Bethlehem

Official PA TV program Israel Parenthetically, on whether there will be a fourth round of elections in Israel

Official PA TV host 1: “While we are monitoring the topic ofthe Israeli focus on the Coronavirus, there is an issue that indicates the level of insolence and racism. They are talking about the West Bank as if it were the source of this epidemic, while the truth and even the news articles published [in Israel] indicate that one of the reasons of the contagion [in the PA] arrived from within the Green Line (i.e., Israel). They speak about the West Bank as if it is the one that exported this epidemic to Israel.We do not wish for the spread of this epidemic anywhere in the world, but this is an act of demonization that the senior Israeli officials are taking part in and also the Israeli media, as if Bethlehem is what imported this epidemic to Tel Aviv, while the opposite is true even according to the Israeli sources.”

Official PA TV host 2: "The occupation is always attempting to cancel you, to lessen your value. This is the existing Israeli style. It is attempting to cancel you and lessen your value. Bethlehem is not the source of the Coronavirus and the like. Bethlehem is the source of peace. In other words, it is the cradle, and this land first and foremost is the cradle of the religions, peace, and love. But these Israelis are maintaining the opinion that you are nothing more than a laborer or collaborator or other terms, and they want to take away the humanity from you.”

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