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Fatah holds Israel "fully responsible for the infection of any Palestinian in Jerusalem with the Coronavirus", after it arrested 10 Palestinians “on suspicion of illegal activity”

Headline: “The occupation assists the Coronavirus in Jerusalem and arrests 12 citizens because they disinfected public facilities in the city”

“The Israeli occupation’s intelligence service yesterday evening [March 16, 2020] arrested 12 young [Palestinian] people in Jerusalem who disinfected a number of public institutions and facilities in the city (sic., 10 arrested by Israeli police “on suspicion of illegal activity” including graffiti).
Fatah Movement Secretary in Jerusalem Shadi Mattour said: ‘Our young people fulfilled their national role in defending our people in Jerusalem given clear neglect and negligence on the part of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem.’
He added: ‘The residents of Jerusalem have gotten used to relying on themselves. They hang no hopes on the occupation's municipality, and they do not rely on its racist institutions. What the occupation did to the young people who provided a service to their people proves that this occupation is terrorist and racist.’ …
Fatah held Israel fully responsible for the infection of any Palestinian in Jerusalem with the Coronavirus, after it arrested the young people and prevented them from fighting the virus. Fatah said in a statement from its spokesman [and Fatah Revolutionary Council member] Osama Al-Qawasmi: ‘The arrest of Palestinians in Jerusalem by the occupation authorities proves absolute contempt for the Palestinians’ lives, and indifference regarding the spread of the virus among the Palestinians.’”

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