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Editorial in official PA daily claims Palestinians have become global world model in how they deal with Corona, even cooperating with Israel

Official PA daily editorial

"It may be that the most prominent and important thing that the Coronavirus is revealing to all of humanity now is that there is no blue blood on the planet, and therefore racism is nothing more than an idea riddled with delusions and arrogance…

The racist separation walls that the Israeli occupation has stretched like a snake across the face of our land, (sic., Israel erected the security fence to keep Palestinian terrorists out.) and that US President Donald Trump wants to establish on the border of his country with Mexico… do not and cannot prevent what is really threatening the lives of those who are enclosed within them. More importantly,the Palestinians whom these walls fight have become a role model thanks to their humanitarian, cultural, and medical steps in their struggle against the Corona epidemic. They have become a role model even in their willingness to coordinate with those who are occupying them in order to eradicate this epidemic. Their steps have proven to be recognizably efficient, and there are those in Israel who demand that their government follow the PA's lead in this matter. The Palestinians emphasize this willingness because in their awareness and in their culture there are no racist walls."

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