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PA daily op-ed praises PA performance in dealing with Coronavirus

Excerpt of an op-ed by Riyad Qadryyah

Headline: “In the time of Coronavirus we tip our hats”

“We will note what has been conveyed in the Israeli media outlets – praise for the functioning of the besieged Palestinian [PA] government, which is suffering from a financial crisis and despite this has succeeded in taking effective steps to deal with the [Corona]virus, while the Tel Aviv government with all its economic and medical capabilities has not succeeded in dealing with the epidemic, to the point that one of the Israelis has demanded that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and his government go to Ramallah and learn from the Palestinian government how to manage crises.

What inspires my pride even more is when the State of Palestine was placed alongside the large State of China as the second state in the world declaring a state of emergency and imposing a blockade on the epidemic with full seriousness.

We as a people need to be proud of our wise [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] and leadership, and our righteous government that is working day and night to provide us with security.”


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