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Poem read in the name of Abbas calls for violence and Martyrdom

Official PA TV, Reporters in the Field

Speaker on stage: "And now to the words of His Honor the President Mahmoud Abbas, presented by brother Ibrahim Ramadan, District Governor of Nablus."

Nablus District Governor Ibrahim Ramadan: 
"O Martyr, Allah's mercy upon you.
If I fell on the land while covered in my wounds
And my blood flowed from me and my weapon lay by my side
This is the path of my struggle, therefore my brother, complete my struggle.
This is what the Martyr tells [us]."

Nablus District Governor Ibrahim Ramadan spoke on behalf of Fatah Chairman Abbas at a rally in Nablus celebrating the 55th anniversary of the launch of Fatah and its first terror attack against Israel in 1965.

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