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PA Minister of Religious Affairs: Religious war in Israel is an obligation from the Quran

PA Minister of Religious Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash:
     "For the past 62 years the Palestinian people have suffered from two things. Since the catastrophe (i.e., the establishment of the State of Israel)– and perhaps even prior to the catastrophe, since the catastrophe, in truth, did not begin in 1948, but began perhaps in 1917 with the cursed [Balfour] Declaration, which gave a promise to those who did not deserve it: Since that date, resolute people, fighters and Ribat (religious Islamic) fighters have not ceased upon our blessed land: This conflict is explicit in the Quran and our obligation with regard to it is clarified by the Quran: We do not oppose peace. On the contrary, we aspire to peace, but not at the expense of our rights; not at the expense of our cause, and not at the expense of our religion."

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