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Op-ed in PA daily: Israel is a colonial project with “no connection” to history, and is doomed to fail

Excerpt of op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, a regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: "Israel’s crisis is structural"

"Whoever thinks that theIsraeli colonialist state'scrisis is a current or new crisis connected to the formation of a government, or a crisis of the extremist right-wing and center-right, is mistaken. The crisis is deeper than this; it is connected to the birth and growth of the colonialist-Zionist project state.This isbecause this is a false and artificial project that does not have the necessary elements for natural development, especially because all of the aspects of life and existence in it are artificial, and they have no connection to history, geography, culture, and societal homogeny.

It is true that the Zionist project state has succeeded in standing on its two feet for 72 years, and it may be that it will continue to survive for more years. The reason for this is its deep and crucial dependence on the artificial respiration that the capitalist West is providing it in the various areas of life. However, it cannot be that this unprecedented support will go on forever…

All of them are convinced… that their project is unstable and is about to suffer defeat from within as a result of an erosive civil war, similarly to the two historical projects of establishing the two Jewish kingdoms in ancient days (i.e., the Biblical kingdoms of Judea and Israel) – and it does not matter where these two states were established, whether on the Palestinian land, or on the land of the Arabian Peninsula, or in Yemen (there is abundant archaeological evidence of the Jewish kingdoms in Israel –Ed.), as Lebanese writer and historian Kamal Salibi, Iraqi writer and historian Fadel Al-Rabi'i, and Palestinian writer Abd Al-Hafiz have concluded. Add to this the fact that the Palestinian Arab people is located and planted in its homeland, and its unconditional adherence to its homeland, aside from which it has no other…

The Zionist project state has passed its eighth decade. First Israeli Prime Minister [David] Ben-Gurion wrote down his conversation with President of the World Jewish Congress Nahum Goldman, in which the latter asked him 'Do you think you will be buried in Israel?' And [Ben-Gurion] answered: 'Yes, but I do not think that my son or grandson will be buried here’ (PMW could find no record of any such conversation –Ed.). The worry and fear of the unknown pursue every Zionist colonialist who has come to the Palestinian homeland, because they have no certainty about the future and continued living on the land of a living people, which continues the struggle for national liberation and to escape the bog of Zionist colonialism that stretches over their land…

In short, I wish to emphasize that the defeat and dismantling of the Zionist project and its physical base, the Israeli state, will occur as a result of:

  1. The number of conflicts that are shaking its social, ethnic, and religious elements.
  2. The Palestinian Arab people’s unceasing struggle.
  3. The fact that Israel is not accepted and that its Arab surroundings cannot live in coexistence with it.
  4. It being a law-breaking state that creates wars, terror, and anarchy. Many of those who contributed to its creation and gave it an abundance of money, weapons, and people, have gradually begun to move away from it and revoke their support for it, because it has become a burden on them and on the future of humanity."

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