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Not a single stone supports claims of Jewish ties to Jerusalem

"The Palestine and [Occupied] Arab Territories branch of the Arab League emphasized that Jerusalem is an occupied Arab city, and all that is said in Israel concerning Jewish rights over it is based on fables and lies… The announcement quoted the Book of Judges (chapter 19)… therefore, history testifies that the Canaanite Arabs established the city of Ur-Salem in Jerusalem as the capital of a state which they established upon the land of Canaan in the third century B.C.E…. The announcement continued: 'Since 1967, the occupation has been busy rewriting the history of the city in accordance with the desires of the Zionist mentality, which directs the occupation's war machine. These occupiers invented a false history upon the ruins of the city's history which is known to Arabs, Muslims, the West, and Middle East scholars alike.'… The Palestine branch spoke about the dangers inherent in the excavation works which are being carried out at full steam in order to find proof of the existence of their alleged Temple under Al-Aqsa, without having found a single stone that corroborates their claims, although dozens of years of excavations have gone by."

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