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1967 borders is part of stages plan to destroy Israel, indicates Fatah official: “Palestine is all of Palestine” including Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, and Nazareth

Tawfiq Tirawi, Facebook  |

Fatah Commissioner and Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi: "My homeland is Nablus, Jenin, Haifa, Jaffa, Acre. (Last three are Israeli cities). Therefore, my homeland is all of Palestine, and this is what I was brought up on. And I always say that Palestine is all of Palestine. This is far from the plans that were offered [at Oslo] in order to achieve something for our people… When the Palestinian leadership established the Fatah Movement [in 1965], it offered proposals. Then following the first proposal, for all of Palestine – the first proposal [in 1965, sought] a democratic state that will include the Muslims, Christians, and Jews. [In 1993, Fatah] raised the issue of the [smaller] Palestinian state on the 1967 borders. This was so that we would achieve something for our people. However, I say to you:  Are we forgetting that Jaffa is ours? No. That Acre is ours? No. That Nazareth is ours? No. (All three are Israeli cities). I am convinced of this, and this is my viewpoint that I am always saying and presenting. Always."

Tawfiq Tirawi also holds the position of Fatah Commissioner of Popular Organizations.

Posted text on Facebook page: “[Fatah Commissioner of Popular Organizations and Fatah Central Committee member] Maj. Gen. Dr. Tawfiq Tirawi in a radio interview on the recent developments to which the Palestinian arena is witness”

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