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Fatah: Israeli security forces invaded Bethlehem to harm the PA's "excellent performance" against the Coronavirus

Headline: “Fatah: The occupation’s invasion of Bethlehem under these conditions proves its inhumane mentality”

“The Fatah Movement, through its Spokesman Hussein Hamayel, condemned the occupation forces’ entry into the Bethlehem district yesterday [March 19, 2020], particularly because this behavior comes after the [PA] Security Forces in the district declared that it is dangerous to walk around outside in order to protect the citizens’ welfare against the spread of the Coronavirus.

Hamayel said that the integrative action between sectors of our Palestinian people did not find favor in the occupation’s eyes given the extensive popular satisfaction with the performance of the [PA] government and the Security Forces, and particularly because the Israeli street has begun to compare the Palestinians’ excellent performance with the Israeli performance, particularly in light of the gaps in capability between the two sides, which has led the occupation army to the usual fascist thought of harming the Security Forces’ performance in Bethlehem.”


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