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PA criticizes Fatah for holding rally celebrating released terrorist despite Coronavirus regulations

Headline: "Melhem: The mass reception for a released prisoner in Jenin is a violation of the precautionary and defensive measures against the Coronavirus"

"[PA] Government Spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said today (Wednesday) [March 25, 2020] that the mass reception that was held yesterday in Jenin for a prisoner who was released from the occupation's prison (i.e., terrorist Nidal Naghnaghiya Turkeman, involved in the murder of at least 6) is 'an unfortunate thing, and a violation of the precautionary and defensive measures taken by the [PA] government to protect our people from the spread of the Coronavirus.'

He continued: 'We expect our people in all of the districts to change the culture of receptions, [manifestations of] joy, and celebrations in honor of our sons returning from the prison cells. Our heroic prisoners are the first to carefully implement the law, and the last who think to violate the order and precautionary and defensive measures, because they are a role-model of commitment and discipline."



Nidal Naghnaghiya Turkeman – Palestinian terrorist who was involved in a number of terror attacks, including the shooting and hand grenade attack against a Likud primaries polling station in Beit Shean in which 6 were murdered on Nov. 28, 2002. Turkeman served 17 years in prison and was released on March 24, 2020.

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