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PA-funded prisoners’ club implies that Israel is trying to let prisoners die of Coronavirus

Headline: “The Prisoners’ Club warned against the Israeli Prison Service’s foot-dragging in releasing the prisoners whose sentence has ended”

“The [PA-funded] Prisoners’ Club warned against a trick that the occupation’s [Israeli] Prison Service (IPS) is plotting, which begins by intentionally delaying the release of the prisoners whose sentence has ended or is about to end, by stopping the implementation of the so-called ‘administrative [detention],’ in whose framework prisoners are released before the end of what is supposed to be the imposed sentence according to a schedule depending on the prisoners’ sentence.

The Prisoners’ Club explained in a statement yesterday, Friday [April 3, 2020], that the IPS has stopped ‘the administrative [detention]’ that it uses in order to reduce the crowding in the prisons. This is despite the urgent need for its implementation today given the gathering concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus in the ranks of the prisoners, and given the repeated demands to release prisoners. This is causing us to wonder about the reasons for this measure being stopped now.

The club commented on information that has been arriving since yesterday morning, according to which the IPS demanded that the prisoners who had monetary fines imposed on them and whose release date is approaching pay them urgently, and this is an additional sign that raises additional amazement.”

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