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PA TV host: Israeli settlements "constitute a center for the spread of the [Corona]virus"

Official PA TV program Corona – Measures and Prevention

Official PA TV host: “The issue of the [Palestinian] laborers is a very important and sensitive issue. There have been calls by the [PA] government and not [just] pleas. In the first period there were pleas but among the latest decisions were decisions to prevent their exit to the Israeli settlements that in effect constitute a center for the spread of the [Corona]virus. How do you view the problem and the issue?”

Director-General of the PA Ministry of Health Unit for First Aid, Emergencies, and Disaster Management Mustafa Al-Qawasmi:“You know that we have [different] kinds of laborers. There are laborers who have special work permits, and they are registered and known [to the PA] in their areas. We have many laborers who we do not hide from you that they are ‘an issue of smuggling’ (i.e., working without a permit) or of work in the settlement areas, and therefore there is no good supervision over them. This was very troubling for us, because we can’t count them. You have illegal work centers or work that we call ‘smuggling’ in common speech – until now we are unable to count these people well."

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