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Fatah: Israel is “torturing” prisoners and exploiting Coronavirus in order to “annihilate” them

Headline: “The bodies and lives of the Palestinian prisoners are being burned between the fangs of Israel and the Coronavirus

“The Commission of Martyrs, Prisoners, and Wounded in the Fatah Movement’s Supreme Leadership Council in the Gaza Strip emphasized that danger is encircling the Palestinian prisoners from all sides, due to the violations and crimes in the occupation prison and the spread of the Corona pandemic.

Commission Spokesman Nashat Al-Wahidi said that the occupation government is going too far and specializing in torturing the prisoners and negating their elementary human rights given the epidemic’s spread…

He warned against the occupation’s exploitation of the Coronavirus in order to annihilate the Palestinian prisoners, on the pretext that the virus spread and got out of control. He noted that there is a stream of racist statements being made by the decision making elite in the occupation government, which call to kill the prisoners (sic., PMW found no evidence of such statements).”