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133,000 Palestinian workers work in Israel, are paid twice as much as workers in the PA

Headline: “The [Palestinian Central Bureau of] Statistics presents indexes on the reality of the labor market and the factories in the State of Palestine”

“Palestinian [Central Bureau of] Statistics (PCBS) President Ola Awad announced that… the number of [Palestinian] workers in Israel and the Israeli settlements stands at 133,000 – 110,400 in Israel and 22,900 in the settlements – including 300 female workers in the settlements and 600 female workers in Israel…

Likewise, the average daily wage of those earning a living in Palestine stands at 129 [Israeli] shekels (sic., this is not an average of the two figures that follow) – 111 in the governmental sector and 97 in the private sector – while the average among those earning a living in Israel and the settlements stands at 254 shekels.”

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