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PLO introduces Israeli Arab MP as "our representative within the '48 territories"

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Israeli Arab MP Dr. Jamal Zahalka, introduced at PLO rally commemorating 62nd anniversary as: "Our representative within the '48 territories":
"We want the women of Ramallah, who were harmed in the Nakba –greetings to them – to return, and I mean to Jaffa, to Haifa, to Lod, to Ramle and to all the cities of Palestine… I want you to know that you have family in Jaffa, that you have family in Lod, in Ramle, in Haifa, and in Acre. Those who keep the flame, those who have preserved the identity of the land. They are the remaining remnant, and living testimony that Jaffa is a Palestinian Arab [city], and that Lod and Ramle are Palestinian Arab [cities], and likewise concerning Haifa and Acre… We are facing a Zionist plan that divides our people… We oppose and do not submit to this division, and emphasize the unity of our Palestinian people: a single entity, a single nation, a single memory, a single fate, and a single future for a single nation – the nation of Palestine.”