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PA spokesman reacts to accusations of PA incitement regarding Coronavirus: Israel is attempting to harm our immunity, not giving us aid

Headline: “Melhem: The occupation is providing us with complications, not aid”

“Official [PA] Government Spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said that the occupation is behaving violently and arrogantly with our people and attempting to harm the national and health immunity.

In response to the Israeli claims that ‘The Palestinian Authority is inciting against Israel and accusing it of spreading the virus while it is providing [the PA] with aid to fight the Coronavirus,’ Melhem said… ‘We are not stating accusations but rather facts; they are not producing the virus but they are the agents of this epidemic whose name is occupation.’

He continued: ‘We have no delusions that the occupation will provide us with any aid but rather with more complications, and the only aid that they can present to us is the end of the occupation.’”

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