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Hamas called a cancerous growth that deliberately harmed "the [national] enterprise’s image, when it intentionally killed [Israeli] civilians"

Excerpt of op-ed by Jordanian journalist Sultan Al-Hattab

Headline: “O Abbas, the final treatment [when all else has failed] is cauterization”

“The idea to establish Hamas was basically an attempt to harm the [Palestinian] national enterprise, to present an alternative to it, and to destroy it. For this purpose, Hamas used forms of resistance that harmed the [national] enterprise’s image, when it intentionally killed [Israeli] civilians and blew up markets and buses. In this way a distorted image of the Palestinians was established in the world’s consciousness, which [PA] President [Mahmoud] Abbas is still working to erase and get rid of, and to [instead] present a clear image of the peaceful resistance that the world accepts, approves of, and protects…

The legal Palestinian leadership has understood that the strength of Hamas’ opposition to the national enterprise is equal to the strength of Israel’s opposition to it…

For this reason the Palestinian leadership’s latest decision was made to perform an operation to remove the growth that is threatening the national enterprise, and this is by calling to establish a government that will be comprised of the PLO factions that are partners in the path…

Yes, the removal [of the growth] is the way to save the [national] enterprise. Now we must rehabilitate the Palestinian body, so that it will be able to go – without growths or diseases – far from Hamas and its plans.”